Homeless Playwright Brings Work to Manhattan Stage

Garrett Buhl Robinson calls the two-star hotel where he lives in Jamaica the shelter.

That’s because the room, which he shares with another tenant, is subsidized by the Department of Homeless Services.

He leaves most days by 6:30 a.m. Robinson said he would rather practice his one-man show in the park, or read at the library — or do almost anything, anywhere but the shelter.


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Asian American Actors Oppose Yellowface

The most egregious example was probably Mickey Rooney, with his caricature of a Japanese neighbor in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The most common might be “The Mikado,” a classic, or some would say obnoxious and perpetual, piece of comedic British theater. Scarlett Johansson, cast in the lead for the film version of the Japanese manga classic “Ghost in the Shell” is only the most recent.

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Memorial Created at Sunnyside Dog Run for Pups Who First Played at the Park

Barnum Andrew Underwood was a lover of rooftops and adventure. He stole underwear, shredded toilet paper with gusto and ran wild through a newspaper distribution center in Long Island City more than once.

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Have You Seen the 'Anti-BART' Mural at BART?

About 14,000 people a day enter or exit through the 24th St. BART terminal. Of those, maybe half will go through the east side, where McDonald’s and El Farolito are. The ones that do will pass by one of the city’s most interesting murals — but they probably won’t notice, because it hides, with peeling paint and faded colors, behind a row of trees. An old Mission rumor says those trees were planted to hide the painting, and its anti-BART message. It isn’t true.

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Get Locked in a Coffin in Greenpoint for Fun

Melody Kology held two black hoods and two pairs of handcuffs in a dark, underground room in Greenpoint on a recent Saturday. My friend Zach Williams and I stood facing her.

“I’m kidnapping you,” Melody said. “Let’s see if you can do what you’re told. Hands in front!”


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Red Victorian to be Run by Cultural Hacker

An iPhone 3 and the Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast now have something in common: they’re both due for an update. Starting July 1, the lease for the historic Upper Haight building will be transferred to Jessy Kate Schingler, who is best known as a founding member of a communal living space called the Embassy.

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Best Local Business Comeback: Le Video

The lines in Le Video’s battle to stay open couldn’t be clearer. On one side is the type of unique, personal business that makes San Francisco great. On the other is a Goliath-sized dose of technological inevitability, and the simple fact that most people won’t go across town for something they can get at home for a few dollars a month.

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S.F. Artists Snub Willie Brown, Install Rogue Sign Naming New Bay Bridge After Emperor Norton

Much to the chagrin of San Francisco progressives, the western span of the Bay Bridge was officially rechristened the Willie L. Brown Jr. Bridge Tuesday in a ceremony held on Treasure Island.

But while politicos, including Gavin Newsom, flocked to Treasure Island to celebrate, a group of artists remained on this side of the Bay Bridge and did a little celebrating of their own, honoring their successful attempt at upstaging Willie Brown.

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